Tradeshow Secrets

Here’s How to Hone in on Volume Numbers of Targeted Prospects and Customers at Your Next Trade Show or Exhibiton…

All In A Fun Way That Leaves A Big Smile On Everyone’s Face…

Dear Exhibitor,

Most exhibitors at trade shows sell re-actively, they wait for the potential customer, client or patient to come onto their stand.

The potential prospect doesn’t want to be “sold to”, and in many cases would rather pass by… never the two shall meet and both have lost out.

The exhibitor has lost a potential customer, and the visitor has lost out on a product, service or treatment that would have helped them.

Here’s the solution…

Master Trade Show Magician, Clive Hyams, has developed a simple but highly effective routine that pro-actively targets visitors, deciphers whether they are genuine prospects and, when they are, delivers them on to your stand in front of your sales people.

All in a quick and fun way, that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

You and your sales staff spend time talking only to genuine prospects (not suspects), you give them more information, collect contact details and agree what action will follow, perhaps a visit from your sales team, more information in the post or whatever you and they want.

You’re not wasting time with suspects, literature hunters and tyre kickers.

Clive’s presentation is all done with the aid of a custom presented magic trick; it creates instant high impact on all who see it, because it is so novel and different. At the end… the visitor wants to step on to your stand.

As the presentation is pro-active and quick, you get a steady stream of visitors all day long.

Unlike many “Trade Show Magicians” Clive’s presentation is not designed to draw a big crowd of untargeted people, most of which at the end of the presentation, either leave or step onto your stand only for the freebies and then leave.

Clive, however, stops people, attracts their attention, sorts the wheat from the chaff and delivers the right people for you to talk to. He does not sell; he simply gives you targeted people, who need your product, service or treatment.

You look after these targeted prospects in the way you think best.

Whilst your stand is full and active all day your competitors are left standing around all day scratching their heads in wonder.

View a pdf document entitled: Exibiting Success Is Now So Easy – The Sales Directors Solution To A Common Problem.

It has taken Clive almost 41 years in magic to perfect his presentation, but your investment in securing lots of new leads and customers is surprising low.

We offer a generous first time user discount to ethically bribe you (we know once you’ve done it once you will never want to attend a show without Clive in the future) and interest free “Easy Payment Terms” for small business.

If you prefer, we are happy to discuss being paid on results. i.e. being paid an agreed percentage from new and additional business secured as a result of what Clive does for you at the exhibition.

In short we are easy to deal with; it’s all about your results, not about ours.

One more thing it is very important…

It is important to us that you are entirely happy with everything that Clive does for you and insist on giving you this 100% guarantee…

If for any reason whatsoever, you do not agree that all Clive does for you is highly effective, that you receive a steady stream of good quality prospects and new customers visiting your stand all day…

That Clive’s presentation is efficient and fun and gives you dozens, hundreds or perhaps thousands (depending on your business) of new potential client’s and Clive exceeds your wildest hopes and dreams for your exhibition presence…

That importantly Clive represents your company in a professional manner and you are entirely pleased you booked him…

Then simply say so on the day and Clive will tear up your invoice, make it disappear and you will not owe him a penny, we simply do not want your money unless you are ecstatically pleased with the results Clive achieves for you and the impression he makes for your company at the show.

There will be no questions or hard feelings either, we just want you to have a great result, create the right impression and make the money you want from the show.

This is your 100% guarantee of satisfaction or you won’t pay a penny for his services.

When you wish to explore how you can make a massive improvement in your business from Exhibitions or Trade Shows simply call:

FREEPHONE 0800-01 88 118 (best from a land line) or

01737-350586 (best from a mobile)

and lets have a chat.

If you wish we can arrange a time to visit your office and show you more.

There is a small down side…

One challenge which I need to tell you about and that is Clive is a very busy and popular Trade Show magician and can only be in one place at a time. Many clients book him a long way in front and the earlier you enquire/book the more likely it is that he can help you.

Your call is free and without obligation, you can simply find out more, so I urge you to call today.

I look forward to talking with you.


Kevin Grey

(Office Manager)

P.S. I urge you to look at what our client’s say about us… if we can do it for them we can do it for you.

P.P.S. Clive’s presentation works with all products, services and treatments no matter what they are. This is because all customers have one thing in common…they are all disguised as human beings; and human nature is the same the world over.

 Recent Client Comments…

You have given us at least 500 leads at the show each year. We now only do one show a year instead of two. The saving is phenomenal.


5 straight years booked with this client

Last year we achieved only 60 relevant enquires from the M&IT show (90 in all but 30 were a waste of time) this year you gave us 268 and not more than a handful are of a poor quality.


Your presence certainly proved magical. Our exhibitors appreciated you being able to draw people to the stand and keep them so well entertained and mystified, it helped create a higher level of interest in our wines.


2 shows in the first year

40 enquires last year 199 this year speaks for itself, thank you.


This client rebooked after only 2 hours of Clive being on the stand

What luck it was meeting you by chance as we did, it has changed our policy on exhibitions and that is saying something. One man, who is not even an employee of the company, has change the marketing policy of an international plc company. Well done. COMDISCO PLC

3 shows in less than a year

I personally thought that you delivered what was required very quickly. It was amazing to be able to ask you to draw a crowd and have them sit down to watch our presentation and three minutes later, have them sitting down. E92+

If you need similar results, Call Freephone 0800-0188118 (best from a land line) or 01737-350586 (best from a mobile) NOW